Cathy Crosky

executive coach | team facilitator | change agent


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If you're looking to empower people to reach their full potential, you've come to the right place. I work with individuals at all levels, teams, and full enterprises to improve organizational performance.



Hi, I'm Cathy.

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I help leaders examine their own self-limiting behaviors, imagine what's possible, create a vision for change, and find the path forward.


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Cathy’s knowledge of business needs, structures and goals is unparalleled. Coupling her intellectual power with her unique ability to plan and lead individuals has resulted in the creation of a phenomenal business consultant, strategist and mentor. In every instance of interacting with Cathy Crosky, I have left with new and useful business information and a renewed motivation to lead my team forward.
— Megan Sullivan, WPO Member
I’ve worked with Cathy to maintain the culture necessary for continued engagement of my core team as we have grown from 4 to 20 employees. The leadership coaching she has provided to me and the targeted work sessions we have developed for the larger team have been instrumental in our success. She has engaged deeply to provide very specific guidance, proposing evolutionary changes to our mindset and structure that have been extremely valuable.
— Charley Stevenson, Integrated Eco Strategy, LLC