Leaders cannot survive on a reputation of business acumen alone.

My approach is founded on the principle that leaders operate within a system they influence and that influences them. Exceptional leaders know they are severely limited in the short- and long-term results they can create if they have not captured the hearts, hands and minds of people they lead.

In this approach, the nature of the coaching relationship is that of a “trusted advisor.” The relationship involves learning, sharing, challenging, teaching, empathy, appreciation, listening, believing, visioning, and stretching.

I help leaders to develop emotional competence and executive presence in order to build the trust and rapport necessary in the modern context of work.

While there are no two coaching relationships that are exactly the same, they are always very personal, extremely powerful, and the best way to get leaders to change old patterns and adopt more effective ones.

Cathy has a knack for understanding her audience and adjusting her approach as necessary. She combines a clear plan, allowing for the necessary interaction and dialog that inspires growth, change and a personal call to action.
— Ron Moraski, Executive Coaching Client

Successful organizations demand a vital, committed workforce.

Organizations today need to create communities where employees feel a sense of belonging, purpose and value. Leaders who are committed to cultivating a cohesive team will be rewarded with an exceptionally creative, highly productive and emotionally satisfied workforce.

Team Assessments

By conducting a comprehensive assessment and diagnostic process, I can quickly identify the team strengths as well as the core issues that are blocking team effectiveness.

Team Development Retreats

The results of the team assessment inform this highly customized program and provides groups the opportunity to master elements of a high performing team. Retreats are very dynamic with a "roll up your sleeves" approach.

I place such a high value on the work Cathy has done developing our high-performing Senior Management team. She has had an impact on me, not only professionally, but also personally.
— Amelia (Lia) J. Spiliotes, CEO Community Health Programs

Change is hard, but it doesn't have to be painful.

Research shows that over 70% of change efforts fail or sub-optimize. The key to transforming business lies in aligning people, processes, structures, and systems with the business strategy. I help leaders understand how to create alignment in a way that engages employees in the process of sustainable change.

Realigning an organization requires people at all levels to make significant changes in what they do and how they do it. I help leaders identify obstacles to change, develop strategies for overcoming resistance to change, create communication plans for rolling out changes, and understand the importance of their role in the change process. I also work with teams to help them understand the drivers of change, the impact on their part of the organization, and the roles they need to play in successful implementation.

Cathy brought us to another level as a corporation in our evolution and transformation and helped us individually, including myself.
— Tony Messina, VP Human Resources, ArQule